Live Event Stage

Enjoy the best sounding lounge in Santa Barbara!  Check our events calendar for more information or book your own private event!

INSTONE Live @ Our Grand Opening 1/6/24 ->

Extremely Fast and Reliable WiFi

Everyone knows cellular service sucks in the uptown area.  Our wifi network is built for speed and reliability.  Come work remote with us and enjoy a a cocktail when you're done.  Cellular service is notoriously bad in the uptown area.  Our WiFi is extremely fast, reliable, and free!  QR codes are available throughout the bar area to easily join.

Pool Tables, a Jukebox, and TVs Everywhere

Challenge your friends to a game of pool while enjoying a cocktail, playing the DJ, and in close proximity to multiple screens with sports and entertainment.

Indoor/Outdoor Seating

Your choice of a relaxing lounge atmosphere or fresh air and open garden seating.  Full service inside and out, and in range of our world class internet access!

Inside seating